Skiathos Senses- Eco living

SKIATHOS SENSES is a life- charging destination, which was designed and built with “green” orientation. The goal is to create a relaxing spot, that will respect the environment, operate with the smallest possible environmental footprint and invite the guest to a new lifestyle.

SKIATHOS SENSES: The greener, the better

  • For building’ s construction we used certified, ecological materials.
  • We make sure that we have the minimal losses in cooling and heating, resulting in lower energy consumption.
  • We minimize water consumption, by avoiding waste and by using a special saving system.
  • Our rooms are furnished with natural materials. Beds are CoComat, made of wood and natural rubber.
  • We insist in naturality and that’s why we use only cotton sheets.
  • We take advantage of the south orientation of SKIATHOS SENSES for more sun and natural ventilation.
  • We use solar energy to heat water while for days when the sun isn’t enough, there is a heat pump which needs much less energy to work (compared to classic water heater).
  • We clean and disinfect the premises of the accommodation with ecological cleaning products.
  • All our lamps are led.
  • The waste bags we use, are made of biodegradable- compostable materials.
  • SKIATHOS SENSES people participate in our green philosophy and encourages guests to enjoy nature, relax in it and reconnect through rich gastronomic, sports and other experiences.

Eco living is modus vivendi

A way to protect the environment, is to learn its needs and appreciate more of its benefits by having experiences in nature. That’s why SKIATHOS SENSESorganizes group activities (sailing, SUP, hiking, cycling, diving etc.) and brings people face to face with nature’s greatness. Such activities aim to physical and mental well- being, but also to the ecological awakening of individuals so that we all become receptive and conscious to more eco- friendly ways of living.

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